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BlauStein acquires a license to act as a Registered Agent in Belize


BlauStein Business Lawyers is proud to announce the acquisition of a new license allowing BlauStein Limited to act as a Registered Agent in the State of Belize, situated on the Caribbean Sea shore.

Belize is an attractive offshore tax heaven jurisdiction providing for highest level of client confidentiality and tax exemption for international business companies. The license was issued by the International Financial Services Commission on 9th July 2014, allowing BlauStein Ltd. to form and manage international business companies or other offshore entities.

Registered Agents are required under the International Business Companies Act 1990 in order to incorporate IBCs and other offshore entities in Belize. Acquiring a license to operate as a Registered Agent in Belize is essential for BlauStein Limited as it allows the company to perform its duty for its clients, including ensuring that all matters relevant to the formation and existence of legal entities are taken care of. The presence of a Registered Agent is also necessary as it plays a role in ensuring the compliance of the business with state requirements. Most importantly, it allows the company to broaden the scope of its service, and thus making it possible for the clients to set up an IBC and other types of offshore entities in the country.

Belize is continuously becoming a popular jurisdiction for incorporating international business companies and other offshore entities. Therefore, having the ability to operate as a Registered Agent in Belize is a great achievement not only for BlauStein, but also for the clients as it allows them to benefit from the investment incentives that Belize offers.



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