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BlauStein & the Association of Translation Agencies (ATA)


BlauStein became a candidate member of the Association of Translation Agencies (ATA). After one year the candidate membership will be converted into full membership.

Considering the core activities of BlauStein, membership at such organization seems to be unusual, but it plays an important role in doing business with foreign clients. There is a lot of documentation, which is translated into Russian, English and Dutch languages. It is invisible process, which influences the work quality and builds trust between clients and the company.

Good translations take time, that is why it is important to let the company know in advance the purpose and the target audience of the text to be translated. A Dutch to English translation will differ depending on whether it is intended for a British or American audience!

So, our clients know that they are hiring a professional company, which works in accordance with industry's terms and conditions and meets ATA's entry requirements and code of conduct. Moreover, they will know, that the company invests in continuing professionalization through education. Finally, under very unlikely scenario, if the clients are dissatisfied with the provided service, they can fall back on ATA's dispute regulations.

ATA membership has the following advantages for BlauStein:

  • Quality improvement and support
  • Advocacy
  • Collaboration with other language professionals
  • Network expansion
  • Favourable member benefits



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